Mandy Seymour

How To Find True Love

March 19, 2018

True love is more than just a feeling.  It’s an alignment.  Are we for each other?  Do we seek to build one another up?  Are my desires aligned with your desires?

True love is mutual.  It is given and received.  And its fruit is peace, love and joy.  When love is true, it brings forth good.  It seeks to honor, protect, uplift, and esteem the one it loves.  When love is true, it perseveres in good.  It seeks what is best, both for oneself and the other person.  It does not use another at the expense of another’s well-being.

True love is true to what is good, noble and praiseworthy.  It makes us feel secure and fills our hearts with gladness.  It is life-giving, life-enriching, and life-lifting.  True love builds us up.  It does not tear us down.  It is not punishing.  It does not seek to harm, shame, or denigrate us. It seeks to see the good in us triumph.  And as it nurtures and uplifts the good, true love inspires others to seek, pursue, and live in true love in their own lives.

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