How To Take A Great Photo

July 8, 2016
Gardner Bay Galapagos Mandy Seymour
If you want take great photos and have other people interested in them, here’s the secret…
When a traveler returns from vacation, we are all eager to tell others about our travels. People want to know about your trip, but they may not want to know as much as you want to tell them. They do not want to see a 300-picture slideshow laden with moment-by-moment details.  They don’t have the time to do so.  But they do want to hear about your trip.
So how do you get them to tune in?  Here’s how:
If you want to have an audience of attentive listeners who really want to hear about your travels when you return, take pictures that tell a story.
I learned this from Time Life photographer Bob Gomel.  I once asked him, “Bob, how do I take great shots?”  He said, “You want to say something with your photos.”
Bob Gomel has had legendary experiences of his own.  He photographed Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, John F. Kennedy, and many other noteworthy people during key moments in history.  He did not know, necessarily, that they were historic moments at the time.  And neither do you or I, today as we click, click, click away.
So don’t just take a picture of the moment.  Tell the story.  Capture the experience.  Snap away!  Then select your 10  This will be a combination of your favorite photos and photos that convey the story you want to tell.  And keep them on hand for anyone who asks.
Story pictures bring your trip to life for someone who was not there.  And they will love it.  Give it a shot.  And let me know how it goes!
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