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Love Without Fear

May 23, 2016

Love without Fear

My album Love without Fear is here.  I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!  Find it here on

Here are the stories behind the songs on Love without Fear.

Aphrodite’s Man

I wrote this song about someone I was madly in love with. He said he loved me, too. But he didn’t pursue me the way someone who loved would. He was just a talker of fantasy, devoted only to his own desires, not to love or me.


In my quest to find true love, I have discovered true love is found in the one who calls to the depth of our souls with His love: Jesus Christ. He calls us from darkness to light, from despair to hope, from death to life.

Love without Fear

I was inspired to write this song in response to the shallow, catty ways women interact with each other – even religious people. Most people have some insecurity they have to overcome. Love is the only way. The truth is, we can love without fear!


I wrote More about a guy named “Shade” I had a crush on in college. He was such a cool dude. And he had a great smile, not to mention such a cool name. Every time I saw him smile, my heart felt that lilt of joy you feel when you see someone you like or love. But he always seemed to have his eye on other girls. I don’t know if he ever even noticed me!


Love is a mystery. Christ’s love is the most mysterious love of all. In fact, He is mystical. He is the most faithful friend. He loves without end. Who does that? I can’t explain Him. But I trust Him.

Love Without Fear Love Without Fear

Love Without Fear music and lyrics by Mandy Seymour. Copyright 2016 Mandy Seymour. All rights reserved.

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