Social Media Distractions

Social Media Distractions

Is social media good for us?  Social media can be life-giving or life-depleting.  It depends on how we use it and what we hope to gain from it or give to people through it.

Do you log on or check in to your social media account and find that after you’ve invested five minutes, the time turns into an hour.  You haven’t gotten anything else done.  And you don’t feel better, but worse?  A little less happy, hopeful and excited about your day or your life when you compare it to others?

Studies show that social media can be life-giving or life-depleting.  Yet for most people, it’s a double-edged sword that increases our woundedness and deepens despair rather than ministering to it and mending it.  

Social media does not equate with sociability.  Social media is rife with social distractions.  We must learn how to be less distracted and more impactful in our lives!  More intentional.  More inspired!  Let’s pursue life, moments and connections that are “realer than real” – the ones that come person to person, engaging in life together in person, not merely on screen.  Life that you can see, sense, touch, taste, smell, breath in, feel and experience is part of the wonderful fullness of life!  So don’t let social media distract you from truly living!

Here are some ideas for Living Inspired:

Plan time today during lunch or after work to:

  • Share a face-to-face meal with a loved one or close friend
  • Go on a walk in nature with a loved one or encouraging friend
  • Spend quality time with your pets! They are unconditional love!
  • Find a place in your home or outside to take “1 minute of gratitude” and think about everything you’re thankful for – and everyone!

Even investing 1 minute in your well-being can help to bring you more inspired and fulfilling life than many minutes that are invested in a non-life-giving way on social media.

Is social media distracting or impacting? What do you think? Write me and share your thoughts here! I’d love to hear from you! – Mandy

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