Mandy Seymour

Thankful For My Family Vet

November 22, 2016

Yesterday, Radiance our Golden Retriever, was leaping and bounding playfully in the yard, scampering around with glee.  She ran up the hill to the neighbor’s house.  When she came back down, she was foaming at the mouth, kept falling over, and suddenly became paralyzed.  We looked into her eyes and could tell she was not in her right mind.  We didn’t know if she had rabies or had been poisoned.  Something was very wrong.

She snarled at my father when he approached her. He made a long pole with a noose-like structure so he could grab her from a distance.  We took her to a local vet which has been in Tomball for many years called Kasper and Rigby.  We made an urgent plea for them to look at our dog right away.  The front office girl told us coldly that they could not fit us in, as they were full.    Then she told us it would be 2 hours.  She also stated that they did not have the ability to treat her in an emergency – which surprised us — and they weren’t even wiling to look at her.  “What if she dies?” I asked.  The girl was apathetic.  The other office staff and nurses looked at me blankly.  We used this vet long ago, but apparently customer service and compassion is not a priority for them.

“We can’t wait two hours!” I said.  She said, “Then take her to an emergency clinic.” That’s easy for her to say – because she wasn’t the one who was going to have to pay several thousand dollars to go to an emergency clinic.  We knew if they had just been willing to look at her, they would be able to figure out what she needed.  But Kasper and Rigby were not willing to save our animal’s life in the moment.

My father had visited My Family Vet with a friend and recommended we take her there.  He said that the front office staff and vets had been very caring, accommodating and gave good treatment.  On the way there, we prayed that God would intervene and help to heal our precious dog and put her in loving hands for care.  In answer to our immediate needs and prayers, the staff at My Family Vet were  loving, compassionate, caring and concerned – and willing to treat her urgent situation.

The vet cared for her in a kind and thorough manner.  He assessed her situation efficiently and accurately.  He determined that she did not have rabies but rather had eaten a highly toxic plant called sego palm – lots of it.  He induced vomiting and gave her an iv to flush out the rest of the sego seeds.

My Family Vet is the best vet we have ever had.  Their motto is “We treat your pets like family.”  They do!  They could not have been more loving or caring.  Their services and treatment were reasonably priced.  We highly recommend them to anyone.



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