Mandy Seymour

The Puppy Promise

For my daughter’s birthday, I promised her a golden retriever puppy.  I started my puppy search a few months before.  But nothing felt right until I met the Behrens.  They are a family who has just a few litters a year of precious white Golden retrievers which are among the loveliest and most beautiful dogs we have ever seen.  My two little girls and I visited their family farm and fell in love with all their puppies.  Here is our story.

If you have a puppy promise you are looking to fulfill or want to find a good family dog, we recommend Behrs Family Goldens.  To find out more, email me.

Mandy Seymour specializes in helping others discover and enjoy our amazing world and life's most meaningful moments. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Mandy received a B.A. in International Studies and Spanish from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and earned her Masters of Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. An avid writer and photojournalist, Mandy blogs about travel at Mandy Seymour writes and speaks on a variety of topics, from travel to love to everyday life. In doing so, she earnestly desires to make the world a better place and to enrich the lives and insight of others.

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