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    The Puppy Promise

    For my daughter’s birthday, I promised her a golden retriever puppy.  I started my puppy search a few months before.  But nothing felt right until I met the Behrens.  They are a family who has just a few litters a year of precious white Golden retrievers which are among the loveliest and most beautiful dogs we have ever seen.  My two little girls and I visited their family farm and fell in love with all their puppies.  Here is our story. If you have a puppy promise you are looking to fulfill or want to find a good family dog, we recommend Behrs Family Goldens.  To find out more, email me.

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    Thankful For My Family Vet

    Yesterday, Radiance our Golden Retriever, was leaping and bounding playfully in the yard, scampering around with glee.  She ran up the hill to the neighbor’s house.  When she came back down, she was foaming at the mouth, kept falling over, and suddenly became paralyzed.  We looked into her eyes and could tell she was not in her right mind.  We didn’t know if she had rabies or had been poisoned.  Something was very wrong. She snarled at my father when he approached her. He made a long pole with a noose-like structure so he could grab her from a distance.  We took her to a local vet which has been in Tomball for many…

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    The Nativity at Catholic Charismatic Center

    Love came down at Christmas.  I grew up singing a hymn about it. Love Came Down At Christmas Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas, Star and angels gave the sign. Worship we the Godhead, Love incarnate, love divine; Worship we our Jesus: But wherewith for sacred sign? Love shall be our token, Love shall be yours and love be mine, Love to God and to all men, Love for plea and gift and sign. Love came down at Christmas.  Jesus came into the world and the world was never the same.  When I imagine what it would be like to have…

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    How To Take A Great Photo

    If you want take great photos and have other people interested in them, here’s the secret… When a traveler returns from vacation, we are all eager to tell others about our travels. People want to know about your trip, but they may not want to know as much as you want to tell them. They do not want to see a 300-picture slideshow laden with moment-by-moment details.  They don’t have the time to do so.  But they do want to hear about your trip. So how do you get them to tune in?  Here’s how: If you want to have an audience of attentive listeners who really want to hear about your travels when you…

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    Red Light District In Amsterdam

    While visiting The Netherlands, I took a tour of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.  Photographs were not allowed.  So for anyone wanting to better understand human trafficking, I thought it might be helpful to write about what I observed. Two views circulate widely about Amsterdam’s Red Light District – and prostitution in general. The first view is that women are prostitutes by choice.  They do so because they want to.  They make good money.  It’s an age-old profession and a career.  They enjoy what they do. The second view is that women are prostitutes by force.  When most people hear about this view, they are surprised because most people have assumed…

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    Love Without Fear

    My album Love without Fear is here.  I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!  Find it here on Amazon.com. Here are the stories behind the songs on Love without Fear. Aphrodite’s Man I wrote this song about someone I was madly in love with. He said he loved me, too. But he didn’t pursue me the way someone who loved would. He was just a talker of fantasy, devoted only to his own desires, not to love or me. Calling In my quest to find true love, I have discovered true love is found in the one who calls to the depth…

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    10 Best Chocolate Recipes

    I am excited to announce my new book, 10 Best Chocolate Recipes. Through the years, I have tasted and collected some of the most delicious and chocolatiest chocolate desserts you will ever find.  This book is a collection of my absolute favorite chocolate recipes.  They will make a lasting memory for any occasion!  My favorite recipes of all time is the Homemade Chocolate Pie.  It is the most delicious chocolate pie I have ever tasted. Chocolate completes the joy of any meal.  It lifts the spirits.  And shared chocolate experiences create a lasting memory and legacy of love.  Find 10 Best Chocolate Recipes on Amazon here.   About The Author Mandy Seymour…