Live Inspired in Life and Love

Live Inspired in Life and Love

It’s February. Are you ready to live inspired? Are you ready to live inspired in life and love? What does an inspired love relationship look like? It’s filled with gladness, joy and grace. Do you delight in those you love? Be intentional about delighting in them more. You’ll be glad you did!

Delighting in those you love is especially fitting for romantic relationships. Taking time to delight in those you love can also make a positive, meaningful, life-giving difference in the lives of many precious people in your life as well, including your friends, family, children, siblings, and even people you interact with daily.

Show some love to your cashiers, co-workers and the everyday people in your life by encouraging them, telling them you appreciate them, and thinking more on what you enjoy about them and less about what stresses or discourages you.

Do this and you will live inspired in life and love!

~ Mandy

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