Famous or Faithful

Famous or Faithful

Recently, I was driving home and I found myself thinking about the imperative role social media plays in our lives. It can connect us, uplift us, and inspire us. But it can also become an entrapment. So we must learn to walk the fine line and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, not on what people think of us or we think of them, not on how many likes we have, but on what Jesus thinks of us. I’ve seen a family member through the year who became social media famous. His life changed overnight and he has had many adventures. But fame is not always what it seems. The glamour of fame is much more exuberant than the reality of fame. Even famous people, popular as they are, want meaningful connections with real people who are in their lives because they genuinely love and care about them or genuinely like them, not because they are enticed or entranced by their fame.

I want to make an impact. I want to make a meaningful impact in this world for Christ, reaching as many people as I can to draw them into lives of deeper love in Him. I want to help people grow in professionalism and excellence cohesively across their personal life, professional life, career, home life, and communities. I want to help as many victims of toxic relationships, domestic abuse and human trafficking as I can. I want to impact as many lives as I can in my lifetime through speaking, writing, podcasting, music and ministry.

Do I want to be famous? No. I want to be faithful.

I want to be faithful to The Lord and His purposes. In Him and in faithfulness to Him my heart is at rest.

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