Timbo and Abandoned Animal Rescue

Timbo and Abandoned Animal Rescue

One afternoon, my daughter Sarah and I volunteered for Abandoned Animal Rescue with National Charity League and we met the love of our lives!  Timbo was a charming little kitten who captured our hearts with the first glance!  When he saw us, he rubbed up against the bars of his cage affectionately and reached out his white mitten paws.  We asked to meet him and when we held him, he purred and purred.  We knew he had to be ours!

This is a picture of Timbo the day they rescued him from the streets.

Abandoned Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter in Tomball, TX that trains volunteers to spend quality time with all the animals.  It shows!  The cats and dogs at this shelter are more confident and interactive than most shelters.  Timbo even knew his name and when we said, “Timbo, come!”, he came!  Even though he was a cat!

We were so glad we volunteered with National Charity League that day.  We adopted him and took him home to be with our furrever family! 

Learn more about Abandoned Animal Rescue here:  https://www.aartexas.org

Learn more about National Charity League here:  https://www.nationalcharityleague.org

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