Canopy Date Night and National Charity League

Canopy Date Night and National Charity League

Today, my daughter Sarah and I volunteered for Canopy Date Night through National Charity League to help set up a special dinner for cancer survivors.  We both believe that each day of life is a gift meant to be cherished and celebrated, especially when you are going through difficult times.  We had great joy transforming a contemporary meeting space into a romantic dinner venue with pink tule cloth, a burlap runner, candles, paper lanterns, and greenery.  Private chefs from HEB catered the event.  The delicious aromas filled the kitchen.  We left before the guests arrived, feeling like we had played a small but magical role in helping to bring about their enchanted evening.

Canopy Date Night gives cancer survivors an opportunity to enjoy a memorable and rejuvenating date night surrounded by the company of others who are walking this journey also.

Find out more about Canopy here:

Find out more about National Charity League here

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